Budget, forecast, report, consolidate, simulate.

With a few clicks.

What is BusinessRadar?

BusinessRadar consists of two components. MonthRoller for creating budgets and forecasts, ConSolidator for integrating individual budgets and forecasts to bigger entities.

MonthRoller for faster, more accurate and versatile forecasting

MonthRoller multiplies both the speed and accuracy in budgeting and forecasting. MonthRoller gives you and your company the following:

  1. Target based budgeting. How much will your top line grow from the last year? And how will the sales margin and indirect costs develop? Do you prefer to use last year’s periodicity or split evenly? You define the targets, MonthRoller creates the budget accordingly. Smart, Comprehensive. Instant.
  2. Automatic cash flow and balance sheet forecasting. You create the income statement and fill in the planned CapEx, dividends and loans. Cash flow and balance sheet forecasts are created accordingly, fully automatically.
  3. Dynamic scenario and sensitivity analysis. Use the fully automatic trend scenarios and sensitivity analysis. Or create your own scenarios. This way you will be truly prepared.
  4. Strategic project analysis. Model an acquisition target or another CapEx project with the same calculation principles as your existing business. Fast and accurately.

ConSolidator integrates individual plans to larger entities, business units to companies and companies to groups.

Budgets and forecasts are typically made in parts. By business unit, cost center or company. ConSolidator combines individual plans into larger entities. ConSolidator gives you and your company the following:

  1. Planning on business unit level. Merge individual income statements, add the opening balance and the planned CapEx and loans. As a result you get a comprehensive, company level plan.
  2. Automatic group eliminations. Merge group company budgets, plans and actual data, eliminate internal transactions, ownership, debts and receivables, and calculate goodwill and minority interest. All fully automatic.
  3. IFRS reports and forecasts. You get all budgets, plans and actual data also in IFRS. Simply import the IFRS entries from accounting and adjust them if needed for the remaining planning period.
  4. Group scenarios. Make various type of group scenarios simply by combining different BU and company level scenarios.
  5. Strategic business opportunity evaluation. Whether you have a potential acquisition or some other major project under consideration, combine it with the existing operations to see its true impact on the current business.

All ERPs, any kind of chart of accounts. BusinessRadar works.

BusinessRadar is an independent, standalone software. You can use it with any ERP and no matter what kind of chart of accounts you have.

BusinessRadar is flexible. Your group companies can have different ERP’s and chart of accounts. And still the group consolidation is fully automatic. Make any adjustment on BU or company level, group level reacts accordingly.

Who needs BusinessRadar?

BusinessRadar suits your business, no matter what size of a business we are talking about, nor the industry you are operating at.

BusinessRadar is an ideal tool for a CFO or CEO who wants to make things more dynamically.

It is a must-have for a group CFO who wants to forecast faster, more often and more accurately than what is possible with traditional heavyweight software tools.