Stand out from the competition. Help your client to make better decisions.

Business changes – Can you keep up?

Digitalization is knocking on your door, whether you like it or not. It will shake up the entire business sector and reshape the business logic. It will further drop the price you can charge for bookkeeping, payroll management and other statutory functions.

Instead of trying to avoid the inevitable, adapt to it and take your service to the next level. Show your clients what their visions and plans look like in numbers. Provide them with comprehensive forecasts to support better decision making, or to convince the investors.

One tool to serve all your clients.

BusinessRadar is a leading-edge tool for strategic business forecasting. It is a tool with which you provide your clients with truly dynamic business forecasting and management. Thus you provide your clients with better business follow up, planning, forecasting and reporting.

BusinessRadar’s power is in its automated processes. You simply give the targets and make the assumptions, BusinessRadar does the rest. Therefore, you can serve as many clients as you want. With your existing personnel. You create the budgets and update the forecasts in an instant, literally. In a completely new level of accuracy.