Stop playing with excel and focus on what really matters.

Familiar situation?

You use way too much time to develop and update different excel spread sheets. As the work is slow and labored, you don’t update the forecasts as often as you perhaps should.

Cash flow and balance sheet forecasts do not exist, are rough or you simply don’t have time to update them. Nor have you time to update the group level forecast according to the latest company forecasts.

Moreover, you are the only person who can manage the complex spread sheets. This is far from ideal situation for you and for your company.

Ease your life. Improve your performance. Make better forecasts.

BusinessRadar is a forerunner in strategic business forecasting. A true business tool of choice. It always gives you the latest, up-to-date big picture of your business financials, both the history and the forecast.

BusinessRadar makes your financial management dynamic:

  1. When updating your plans, impact on cash flow and balance sheet is shown immediately. Both on company and group level. Alternative scenarios can be tested practically in real time and the most interesting ones can be saved.
  2. Fast and accurate modelling of planned acquisition or another strategic project as part of the existing business. This gives you important perspective for decision making.
  3. Challenging questions by the management team or the board of directors? BusinessRadar gives you the answers immediately, even right there and then, in the ongoing meeting.

Use your time to plan your business, not building excel spread sheets.

Thanks to BusinessRadar you have more time to analyze and plan your business.

With BusinessRadar you make each adjustment to the plans only once, e.g. in the income statement. Cash flow and balance sheet forecasts are updated automatically. And when you adjust company level plans, group level forecasts are updated automatically.

BusinessRadar does not rely on any individual person. Unlike self-made excel spreadsheets, BusinessRadar is never linked to any individual team member. Anyone in your team can easily access and adjust the plans when you are on a business trip, or the official excel guru is on a sick leave.

Different angles for different stakeholders.

Different stakeholders pay attention to different things. Owners often stress balance sheet, bank has particular interest in cash flow and business management follow top line growth and margin development.

Provide your stakeholders with what they want. Parameter based true cash flow forecasts, comprehensive balance sheet forecasts, scenarios, and sensitivity analysis. Always up to date.

Providing your stake holders with detailed business forecasts from all relevant angles gives your organization the best possible basis for premium decision making.